Final Poster

Written by Rachel Besser

Directed by Louisa Wilde

“Do you know what’s wrong with this country? Cowardice. No one’s brave enough to stand up and say what’s obvious. Some women should not be allowed to have children.”

Chloe’s speed dating for a sperm donor. Angus is sterilising unsuitable women. A psychiatrist signs the papers. A mother is sedated. A baby is taken away. Maisie clings to the fantasy of her nuclear family.

24 playlets. 31 characters. 6 actors. A series of seemingly unrelated scenes accumulate in Rachel Besser’s new play, Eggs. This is a dark, fast-paced mosaic of modern parenthood, family life and the disturbing effect it can have on the child.

Playwright and paediatrician, Rachel Besser, has been part of the New Writers Programme at the Royal Court Theatre, London, and is currently continuing the development of her writing as part of the Criterion Theatre, New Writing programme.

We will be holding a short Q&A after each performance. Please join us. Your feedback matters to us, and will be used to develop the play.

Eggs will be presented at 7:30pm on 2nd and 3rd September 2016 at the Cygnet New Theatre in Exeter.

Tickets can be bought directly from the theatre

01392 277189

and from this link:

Tickets £10 (£8

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