Fantastic Response for our Performances of Waving Goodbye in Seaton

This weekend, Waving Goodbye played to captivated audiences at the lovely seaside venue ‘Winston’s Pub Theatre’ in Seaton. 

The venue said…

“a fantastic performance…Poignant and funny….the audience were hooked from the start and there was a great atmosphere all through the performance. We feel very privileged to have hosted your show here in Seaton”


The audience said…

“Thought You did this piece great justice. Your gift for comedy and pathos and the quick switch between should lead you to a great future.”

“Absolutely bloody brilliant!”

“Enjoyed the performance. Well written and well acted.”

“Wonderful show. Very moving and funny”

“Refined piece of theatre; enchantingly developed sibling relationship; well crafted to the end…Poignant revelation. Excellent performances!”

waving goodbye seatonaudience waving goodbye seaton